Wine Temperature Tips for when Time is Short

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In his Wine Temperatures blog series, L'Ortolan Sommelier Stephen Nisbet has explained the importance of getting the temperature of your wine just right. But here he shares a few hand hints and tips on what to do if time is short.

Wine Temperature Tips for when Time is Short restaurant readingCold:
  • 45 minutes in the freezer is the equivalent of 2 - 3 hours in the fridge - popping your bottle in the freezer for a short time can help you to reduce the wine's temperature. But don't leave it for more than 45 minutes as it will start to freeze which will ruin your wine.
  • Soak your bottle in cold water - at this time of year if you run cold water from the tap it will be just above freezing, so leave your unopened bottle under the running water.
  • Don't just fill a bucket with ice - The sides of the bottle will not be completely covered as there will be space between the cubes, always add water to you ice bucket to fill those gaps and ensure temperature transfer and 100% contact with the bottle - Use mainly water and just a little bit of ice.
Wine Temperature Tips for when Time is Short restaurant readingWarm:
  • Use hand-hot water - A very cold bottle can be warmed by placing in a container of hand-hot water for 15 - 30 minutes. Don't place in water that is too warm as the outside will warm faster than the inside of the bottle.
  • Keep it on the cool side - It is better that the wine is still a little cool before service as wine will further warm once poured.