'Cocktail of the Month' - The Ginger Rumster

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'Cocktail of the Month' - The Ginger Rumster

As the Three Course Summer Lunch Menu continues next week we welcome July's 'Cocktail of the Month', The Ginger Rumster. This is a revitalising blend of Pampero white rum, bitters, lime wedges and a slice of fresh ginger, homemade ginger syrup and orange juice.

L'Ortolan's Sommelier, Jess, chose The Ginger Rumster for it's refreshing, spiced and complex flavours. The marketing team photographed the creation of this delicious cocktail, and had the privilege of being the first to enjoy a taste! This is definitely a winner for those hot summer days.

The Ginger Rumster Cocktail welcomes you on arrival when dining on the Three Course Summer Lunch Menu. To sample Jess's 'Cocktail of the Month' book a place on the Summer Lunch before the end of July. Until the end of June the 'Cocktail of the Month' is the 'Vanilla and Apple Cooler', and watch this space for the August Cocktail!