L'Ortolan helps celebrate 25 years of Michelin success

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On the 18th May chefs Michel and Alain R

On the 18th May chefs Michel and Alain Roux celebrated a quarter of a century of three-star Michelin success at the Waterside Inn.

Out of the 140 Michelin starred restaurants in the UK 116 restaurants attended including L'Ortolan - represented by Executive Chef Alan Murchison and Proprietor Peter Newman.

"It was a wonderful night," explains Peter Newman, "We were treated to 25 delectable courses starting at 7:30pm and going on well past midnight!

"The setting was perfect.  A beautiful evening at the Waterside Inn with marquees by the riverside and a boat on hand from which the press were taking pictures. To be able to talk to so many Michelin star chefs in one evening and to hear a complimentary talk by the  Michelin Director Jean-Luc Naret, who is normally not on public viewing, certainly highlighted Michel's impressive achievement during these last 25 years."

Everyone at L'Ortolan wants to congratulate the Roux family and everyone at the Waterside Inn on their Michelin success.