Super Smoothie

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Super Smoothie

Super Smoothie
Kick start your new year with Chef Mark Apsey's healthy and delicious 'Super Smoothie'.

2 Beetroots
50g Broccoli
100g Kale
50g Honey
10g Ground Flax Seed
100g Apple Juice
10g Fresh Ginger

A juice or smoothie is something that is easy to make, and super rewarding. There is no right or wrong way of making a smoothie, but here are a few simple ways of making it extra delicious.

It is important that you use the best blender you can obtain. Development Chef Mark Apsey recommend's a Thermomix TM5 or Vitamix TNC. The higher the power, the faster your smoothie will blend, meaning less heat transfer and an all round more nutritious juice. Depending on your blender, put your liquids into the blender first and then gradually add the solids. Give it a really good blast on full power until completely smooth. Pour over ice and drink straight away.

This recipe is great for a few simple reasons; juices contain almost none of the fibre content that their smoothie counter parts contain. Raw beetroots are very high in naturally occurring nitrates and for reducing blood pressure. Don't be put off by using raw beetroots and kale, their earthy sweet flavours marry perfectly with the sweetness of the honey and apple juice.

Happy blending!