31 days of German Riesling

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31 days of German Riesling
Germany's winemaking history dates back to 100 BC, when the Romans started producing wines on local soil. Riesling represents German wine culture like no other grape variety. It grows in all of the German wine-growing regions. The Rheingau and Mosel regions have the longest Riesling tradition dating back to the years 1435 and 1465 respectively. The Rheinhessen and Pfalz winemakers can trace their love for the grape tothe late 15th and early 16th century.Riesling is a slow-ripening grape variety well-suited to the northern wine-growing regions, where it can ripen to perfection in the late autumn sunshine. It produces wines with very different nuances, depending on the growing condition (soil type and microclimate).

Our Head Sommelier, Guillaume Kaczmar has selected 2 very different Riesling available by the glass for the 31 days of German Riesling in July. Jordan is light and easy drinking, perfect glass for an aperitif, whereas the Grand Cru is full-on and really in depth. Both wines are marked by the same classic acidity of the Riesling that give those wines a summery feeling, of freshly picked fruits.
  • Dr Von Basserman Jordan, Estate Riesling Dry, Pfalz, 2014
Fresh and crisp white. It has a bright light-golden colour. Offers a mouth-watering, refreshing style combined with notes of fresh apple, citrus and peach.   
  • 'Geyesberg' (Grand Cru), Riesling Trocken (Dry), Dreissigacker, Reinhessen, 2012
Spicy aromas open the nose with hints of ripe pineapple and peach. The palate is extremely concentrated with mineral notes, a slightly salty touch and ripe yellow fruits before the long finish.
Come and enjoy a glass of German Riesling at L'Ortolan in July!