Afternoon Mastiha Tea

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Cocktail competition afternoon mastiha t

Afternoon Mastiha Tea

We were thrilled when we heard that our barman Manos and head sommelier Konrad had achieved 5th place in the UK finals at the Skinos Mediterranean Cocktails Challenge recently.

It was a global cocktail competition with a Mediterranean theme. Rules were, 2 bartenders 1 cocktail and Mastiha liqueur as the base of the cocktail. Nine countries took part (Greece, USA, Cyprus, Lebanon, Holland, France, Belgium, Bulgaria, and the UK). They competed against 208 recipes so to come 5th, being the only restaurant taking part against established cocktail bars, is outstanding!

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When it came to choosing the other essential elements of their cocktail, Manos and Konrad wanted to ensure that the spirits used are commonly found in bars so everyone can enjoy their recipe.

As for the name? 'Afternoon Mastiha Tea' - what better way to incorporate the UK into a Greek liquor!

cocktail competition manos and konrad restaurant Reading

So, here's how you make it:

Into a mixing glass (not a shaker as it doesn't need the force to mix the liquors) fill with ice


  • 30ml skinos Mastiha - sweet and herbal, crystal clear, with a long lasting finish of juniper, honey and cucumber
  • 30ml extra dry martini - infused with earl grey tea for 1 hour (15 gram for 120 MLK vermouth)
  • 15ml Dom Benedictine - containing 27 different botanicals giving flavours such as; juniper, honey, tea, lemon etc
  • 15ml limoncello 
  • Pour into a glass with a strainer, then top up with prosecco
  • Add a couple of slices of cucumber in the side of the glass
  • top with some mint leaves

Next time you are at the L'Ortolan bar, give it a try. It came 5th after all!