Day of Excellence Virgin Mojito

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Learn how to make the perfect virgin moj

Day of Excellence Virgin Mojito
Last week L'Ortolan treated over 150 guests to an afternoon of food and wine tastings and stunning displays with the help of some of our most respected suppliers. Guests were welcomed with a refreshing non-alcoholic Mojito before being whisked off on a tour around the restaurant to sample the many delights on offer. Our guests were intrigued to know what made our Virgin Mojito so delicious, so we created a very simple recipe for you to follow at home.

refreshing non-alcoholic Mojito



Apple Juice    125ml

Ginger Ale     100ml

Lime Cordial    10ml

Lime Wedges    4

Mint leaves    6


Start by pouring the lime cordial into a tall tumbler glass

Next put in your lime wedges and muddle (crush) them into the cordial

Take your mint leaves and smack them between your palms to help release the oils, then put these into the glass and muddle into the limes

Add 3 ice cubes (for enhanced presentation you can use crushed ice)

Pour in half your apple juice and ginger ale, then stir to mix the ingredients through

Add the rest of your apple juice and ginger ale

Stir again to mix through then present the drink with a straw

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