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The Apprentice with Gordon Ramsay

If anyone reading this has a passion like me get in touch as you never know where it could lead.

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Welcome to my blog!

I’m a soon to be, 17 year old apprentice working my crocs off to be the next Gordon Ramsay. Looking back, I never thought my school work experience would lead to this (just want to thank my food tech teacher in this space, as I’m not sure I ever really did. You know who you are).

The Apprentice with Chef Ramsay Restaurant Berkshire

A three year apprenticeship with a Fine Dining restaurant in cycling distance from home! Not that I do, cause that’s effort!

So, I joined in September 2014 having already worked on a voluntary basis beforehand, in the hope that someone would see my obvious potential (boasting is part of the game). Luckily for me they did, which has led to this – a three year apprenticeship with study at Reading college. Clearly my skill at peeling endless shallots on my first day of work experience and the fact I came back for more (unpaid) onion peeling is tribute to how much I wanted to do this! Thankfully, I have moved on from onion peeling and at present sit in the pastry section (although sitting is never an option). Here, apparently, according to my sister, all I do is make bread! From someone who doesn’t know one end of a knife from the other I find rather this insulting. I do make bread daily, however, this is squeezed in to my daily routine of making sure the ingredients, mixtures, sauces, ice creams etc, etc are prepped and prepared for as many as 120 covers per day! As we offer many different desserts and pre-desserts this can result in numerous recipes being created each day and then after all this there’s service……I’ll leave that story for another day. I do have a passion for pastry however I’m hoping to move section soon. I need to gain experience in every area.

My hours are by no means those of a school week but also by no means those of my colleagues. Apparently because I’m still only little (6ft 4″ at last door frame notch) I’m legally only allowed to do 40 hours. This includes my day at college! I can’t deny this was tough at the start but now the hours don’t really bother me.

My plan with this blog (actually that of head chef) is to update now and again with interesting (well to me anyway) excerpts from the kitchen.

If anyone reading this has a passion like me get in touch as you never know where it could lead. Shallots always need peeling……!

Joshua Gledhill
Apprentice Chef


Wednesday to Saturday
First arrival 12 midday to last sitting 1pm

Tuesday to Saturday
First arrival 6.30pm to last sitting 8pm

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