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Chocolate is always very popular with our guests so we thought you might enjoy re-creating our little chocolate temptation

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Easter is the time for chocolate and it doesn’t get more indulgent than this delicious dessert. Chocolate is always very popular with our guests so we thought you might enjoy re-creating our little chocolate temptation – a stunning dessert for a family gathering or get together with friends.

Chocolate Cardamom Dessert Restaurant Reading

Chocolate Ganache
500g dark chocolate Madirofolo
600g whipping cream
48g butter
2g cardamom essence

Mix ingredients together and bring to the boil. Set in a lined terrine mould.

Mint Aero Chocolate Restaurant Reading

Mint chocolate Aero
600g chocolate
90g pomace oil
2g mint essence

Melt chocolate and mix in pomace oil and mint essence. Put ingredients into espuma gun, charge 3 times and shake well. Spray into line container using a Vac Pac as vacuum to aerate. Switch off and leave to set. Store in freezer.

Orange Jelly Restaurant Reading L’Ortolan

Orange Jelly
200g fresh orange juice
2 gelatine leaves
2g cardamom pods

Soak gelatine in water. Bring orange juice to the boil, infuse cardamom for 10 minutes. Add gelatine and pass through a sift. Set in fridge.

Orange Powder
Peel 3 oranges, remove pith and place in 60°C oven for 12 hours. Blitz to powder.

Orange Curd Restaurant Reading

Orange Curd
270g orange juice
145g caster sugar
125g butter
6 eggs
12g Ultratex

Add ingredients to Thermomix, set at 90°C for 10 minutes on speed 4. Pass through a sift and chill in fridge.

Restaurant Reading Mint Ice Cream

Mint Ice Cream
750g whole milk
225g whipping cream
1 vanilla pod
6 egg yolks
20g mint leaves & stalks

Infuse milk and whipping cream. Pour half over egg yolks whisking frequently. Pour in remaining milk, add vanilla and bring mixture to 80°C. Pass through shift, freeze.

Restaurant Reading Chocolate Tuile

Chocolate Tuile
100g orange juice
200g icing sugar
40g plain flour
20g cocoa powder
120g melted butter

Mix orange juice, icing sugar together. Sieve plain flour and cocoa powder. Mix together and add melted butter. Spread on silpat mat and cook at 180°C for 5-6 minutes.

Happy Easter from us all at L’Ortolan!

If you have any questions for Head Chef Tom Clarke, he would be more than happy to provide some culinary tips. Please comment in the box below.


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