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L’Ortolan Restaurant Reading Goes Electric

L’Ortolan is the Fine Dining Restaurant in the South East of England to offer Tesla Destination Charging Points.

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L’Ortolan has teamed up with Tesla Motors to provide an increasingly desirable amenity; Tesla Destination Charging which replicates the convenience Tesla owners are accustomed to at home.

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L’Ortolan is the First Fine Dining Restaurant in the South East of England to offer this service. Tesla Destination Charging locations are hosted on Tesla’s interactive webpage and are GPS located on the vehicle’s navigation through Tesla’s free over-the-air software update sent wirelessly to the car.

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Tesla owners are able to use the 17″ touch screen to easily plan trips and locate the destination. L’Ortolan has two Tesla Wall Connectors installed for patrons to use, one for Tesla only cars and one universal charger, adding up to 60 miles of range per hour.

L’Ortolan is constantly striving to find new ways to heighten the guests’ experience. By combining leading-edge technology and the forward-thinking of Tesla with our commitment to providing outstanding cuisine and exemplarily service, we now have the ability to offer guests a seamless and convenient charging experience whilst they dine with us.

L’Ortolan Proprietor Peter Newman

Reading’s Fine Dining restaurant hosted a press event opened by David Gillham, Director of Thames Valley Science Park, on Monday 13th June 2016 offering journalists the chance to view and ride in a Tesla model S vehicle and sample the gastronomic delights of the restaurant.

Thames Valley Science park is being built a stone throw away of L’Ortolan and they share a common desire to innovate.


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