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Restaurant Reading BBQ at L’Ortolan

L’Ortolan Restaurant Reading Berkshire BBQ

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Whilst the sun is out, at L’Ortolan we are bringing the BBQ out! Once you select your meats and sides and they will be cooked on our BBQ and served hot for you to collect and enjoy at home!

BBQ Tips Restaurant Berkshire L’Ortolan

When you’re looking, you ain’t cooking! It’s important to keep the lid shut to keep the heat in.

Use firelighters and a blow torch to help ignite and heat up your BBQ quickly.
Buy good quality fuel, as it affects the flavour.

Build up large pieces of natural lump charcoal in layers to ensure you get the most out of the heat.

As a sweeping rule, rest meat for as long as it was cooked. Warm up again just before serving.

Invest in a stone plate for your BBQ as it stores heat.

Keep your BBQ clean, we clean our Eggs after every use with a vacuum cleaner!

Coat the steaks with vegetable oil as it has the highest burning temperature and season with salt.

Sear directly onto a grill at a high temperature until the outside of the steak begins to caramelise.

Don’t be scared to touch and feel the meat until it’s cooked to the desired taste. Leave to rest before serving.

One of the most important tips with cooking meat such as steak is to keep the lid shut. We know it’s tempting, but keeping the lid closed limits oxygen entering and fuelling the fire.


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