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Sunset Mocktail at Restaurant Reading

Congratulations on staying off the alcohol! L’Ortolan sunset mocktail for dry January 2022 at reading’s only Michelin star restaurant.

Our answer to your ‘Dry January’ prayers

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If you’re partaking in ‘Dry January,’ you’re more than half way through. So first things first, congratulations on staying off the alcohol!

Staying Off The Alcohol with L’Ortolan Reading

Now, it must start to get tiresome when you are out with friends who aren’t joining in the challenge, enjoying their mojitos, champagne or a cheeky G & T and you aren’t even aloud close enough for a sniff. So we come baring wonderful news for you lovely lot sticking it out, our refreshing fruity and totally guilt free Sunset Mocktail.

If you’ve dined with us late into the afternoon, and seated in the bar to enjoy a drink after your meal, you may have been lucky enough to witness the breath-taking sunset through the bar windows. Inspired by this natural beauty, Manos our extremely knowledgeable and talented barman, created the L’Ortolan Sunset Mocktail.

L’Ortolan Reading Sunset Mocktail

Inspired by the sunset which can be viewed in the bar
100ml mango juice (basically one of your five a day, right?)
50ml lemon juice
20ml grenadine
Top up with tonic water


Wednesday to Saturday
First arrival 12 midday to last sitting 1pm

Tuesday to Saturday
First arrival 6.30pm to last sitting 8pm

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