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Enjoy exceptional modern French cuisine, exquisite wines and a very warm welcome in the elegant and relaxed surroundings at L'Ortolan restaurant Reading.

Head Chef James Greatorex injects his own creative style into the food focusing on full flavours and modern techniques. In his words..

My aim is to take the best ingredients and present them in an innovative and exciting way, whether this is through modernising a classical dish or using flavours from various cuisines, the ingredients are always the star. 

Head Chef, James Greatorex

Exceptional modern French fine dining

James' cooking is impressive, showing technical adventure and accomplishment.

Simon Carter, editor of The Fine Dining Guide

For more adventurous diners our Chef's Table seats up to 4 people in the heart of the kitchen where you can soak up the restaurant atmosphere during a busy service and enjoy a succession of exquisite food and wine pairings.

Dietary Requirements at L'Ortolan Reading

At L’Ortolan we do our best to offer interesting and exciting dishes for guests with all manners of dietary requirements. When we are designing vegetarian dishes for all the menus, the first thing we look at is seasonality and from this we create the dishes using different techniques, classical and modern. When planning a tasting menu we  use different techniques throughout the meal and also making sure we use different produce in each dish.

A lot of the vegetables and produce we use are local to us with many of our herbs and baby vegetables grown in our kitchen garden. Various techniques are employed, whether it be preserving, fermenting, pickling, roasting, slow cooking to create a final dish. Like all other dishes we try to hit the 5 taste senses bitter, sweet, salty, sour, and umami.