Mas del Perie Dinner - April 2015

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To introduce the fabulous Malbec he prod

Mas del Perie Dinner - April 2015
Last night we had immense pleasure in welcoming winemaker Fabien Jouves from Mas del Périé to introduce the fabulous Malbec he produces in the small village of Cahors in South West France. The estate is biodynamic, the whole vilification process occurs naturally without any additives.

It was a wonderful evening with our guests being treated to no less than five Malbecs paired with a six course menu. 


In the village of Trespoux-Rassiels, Mas del Perié culminates Cahors vineyards in the South West of France, from its height 320m above sea level. This winery has been a family estate for 5 generations and those 20 hectares of vineyard are today considered as the rebirth of the French Malbec!

When Fabien Jouves arrived in the estate in 2006, this young winegrower intended to move the lines of the historical appellation of Cahors to express finesse with the purity of the fruit of the Malbec grape.

With ambition and tenacity, he began the long process of analysing the soil, converting to biodynamic farming, long agings on lies in barrels and now amphoras.


Before it became so popular in Argentina, the Malbec grape had its roots in the village of Cahors where it had a reputation as black wine with a very concentrated, full-bodied style.

Today, Fabien Jouves is a winegrower who knows exactly his terroir and the whispers of his vineyard. With his Burgundian approach to the different soils, he has been able to capture the essence of the terroir, to produce vibrant, mineral and very intense Malbec.

Still a passionate and experimental winemaker, Fabien Jouves produces some recreational cuvées, more confidential, from old grapes that he wants to preserve. The pleasure is guaranteed!