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Reading Restaurant Out Pop The Hops Berk

Out Pop The Hops Out Pop The Hops
It's almost that time of the year when the weather takes a turn for the worse and the days draw shorter. But for us in the kitchen here at L'Ortolan, Berkshire that isn't a complete sign of doom and gloom. Our favourite ingredients begin to pop up out of the ground; right on our doorstep. The challenge each year is to make sure that we are able to utilise these fantastic ingredients to their maximum potential.

Reading Restaurant Out Pop The Hops Berkshire

Each year different ingredients grab our attention in different ways and this year the one that has really caught our attention is 'hops'. We love the little bitter buds for their completely unique flavour, that most commonly give beer its bitter aroma. But despite Readings proud history of being a brewing town, we are not brewing with our hops, but cooking with it instead.

A brand new dish to our Michelin star menu this year is our Hops infused Tofu, served with chervil, yarrow and pickled onion. A strange combination at first but, one that in our humble opinion, really works!

Even better still, the hops and yarrow both grow within the l'ortolan grounds. Local and fresh!