Truffles? From England? You'd need a pig wouldn't you?

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Truffles from england at lortolan michel

Truffles? From England? You'd need a pig wouldn't you?

In the not so distant history of England truffle hunting was common thing, with a booming industry in the South through the 18th and 19th century. But unfortunately, as farming methods changed and modernised, this was a skill that had gradually died out by the 1930's. Truffle hunting was almost lost, but not forgotten.

That was until 12 years ago, when a Wiltshire farmer quite literally stumbled over a crop of truffles whilst walking their dogs in the wood (can you believe their luck!). As they investigated, more and more truffle crops were found. As they gradually came across more, they needed a better way to find and hunt out these truffles, and who better than the nose of their Labrador. The Wilshire truffle company was formed.

Whilst the exact location of their truffle spots are kept a secret, we are pleased to say that they supply L'Ortolan with these fantastically aromatic gems on a regular basis. As a seasonal ingredient, tuber uncinatum (Black Autumn Truffles to you and I), Wiltshire truffles come into their own towards the end of September. But as their season peaks in December the intoxicating aroma and wonderfully earthy taste envelops the entire kitchen.

For our last Saturday dinner service of 2016 we are going out with a bang and celebrating these wonderful fungi with an entire evening dedicated to truffles from around the world. Each course will be matched with a different truffle, and the menu will kick off with Britain's own Wiltshire truffles, before taking a tour through truffles from the likes of Périgord, France and Alba, Italy.