Alan's Kitchen Blog - New Menus, New Team

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Alan's Kitchen Blog, It's a great time o

Alan's Kitchen Blog - New Menus, New Team

It's a great time of year in the kitchen, spring is so exciting - berries, tomatoes, new season lamb, wild garlic and English asparagus.

Less exciting was having no kitchen extraction for two weeks!! Too old for that carry on.

Working with the guys now on a new menu, first changes have been done and now moving onto desserts. It's going to be a good one!

We'll also be running a 'signature' dinner menu each month to celebrate 10 years at L'Ortolan - great to cook some of the classic L'Ortolan dishes from the repertoire. You forget how good some of these dishes are.

We've recruited some great new team members. In the restaurant we have the lovely Scottish/Geordie David and the smiley Sabrina, say hello next time you are in the restaurant. Behind the kitchen door we have Mathais and Kate who come to join us after spending a few years with a certain Mr Ramsey. Mathais has a very impressive CV in two and three star Michelin restaurants. It's great we are attracting quality people all the time.

Away to peel asparagus.

Happy cooking.